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A true artist that came from the streets of Riga, Latvia, and have reached Eurovision – the Latvian performer on this year’s Song Contest, Justs Sirmais, didn’t give up on his dream of being a well known musician, and now he has a great challenge ahead – to be known all over Europe.

The Latvian singer has accepted to have a talk with ESC12points through Skype. On this interview he has told us all about his career, on how it was to work with Aminata and how she is supporting him through the Eurovision frenzy.

He decided to become a musician when he was 15 years old, when he brought his guitar to the streets and started to sing there. “I actually felt like, yeah, the music is my passion and I want to do it – from this point I just thought only about how to develop my skills in music”, the 21 year old singer told us.


Justs also told us how Supernova increased the interest of the latvian public in Eurovision: “In the past years, (…) Latvia really kind of lost hope in Eurovision and our national selection was becoming unprofessional, but since last year it all turned around and now we have Supernova (…) Aminata’s placing last year got a new breath in Latvia in this Eurovision and everybody is now watching it and supporting it”.

Still on Aminata, he said that she is with him in Stockholm not only as an author of Heartbeat, but as a great coach to him. “We are working hard, we had a lot of rehearsals, where we she coached me and teach me some feelings, some tricks in singing and in an energetic and emotional way, she is being very supportive to me”, he said.


 “The main idea is about basically taking and action and actually change things, change your life and start to live a joyful life” – Justs on Heartbeat

See the full interview with Justs here:

ESC12points Exclusive Interview – Justs Sirmais from ESC12Points on Vimeo.

The ESC12points team wants to thank Justs and his press team for the attention and taking your time to us. We wish you all the best in Stockholm!

Lai jums veicas Justs!

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